MESA Testing and Certification 

MESA members, staff, and partners are pleased to bring certification and testing programs to help verify compliance with MESA’s specifications. 


MESA-DER DNP3 Specification

The MESA Testing & Certification Work Group, led by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, is currently developing a Specification Compliance Verification Guide to address verifying compliance with the MESA-DER DNP3 specification. Once the verification guide is complete, MESA will develop a conformance testing and certification program.

The MESA-DER Compliance Guide is expected to be completed at the end of 2020, and the testing and certification program will be launched in mid-2021.

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MESA-Device Modbus Specification

The MESA Standards Alliance and the SunSpec Alliance have developed a joint testing and certification program for the MESA-Device specification. Vendors can now receive certification via third-party authenticators, ensuring their products meet the requirements of this specification and will be interoperable with other certified components of energy storage systems (ESS). Compliance with the MESA-Device specification ensures greater interoperability among the components of the ESS (the inverter, power control system, and energy source (e.g., lithium-ion battery)) across the spectrum of distribution-connected Distributed Energy Resource (DER) scale ESS to large-scale transmission-connected ESS.

A new Specification Compliance Verification Guide is available and describes the process to verify inverter compliance with the SunSpec Modbus-based MESA-Device.

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