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The MESA Standards Alliance publishes open, non-proprietary specifications and information models that utilities, software developers and hardware manufacturers use to achieve interoperability among grid-scale energy storage components, as well as between utility control centers and energy storage systems. All MESA specifications are free to download and use. See below for a description of each component and links to the relevant documentation.*

Upcoming Event

MESA Technical Workshop

Understanding and Implementing Open Standards for Energy Storage

Monday, November 13 | Cleveland, OH | 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. EST

The MESA Standards Alliance will host a technical workshop in conjunction with the Energy Storage Association’s (ESA) Energy Storage STUDIO conference. The workshop will be focused on one of MESA’s specifications under development, MESA-ESS, and will provide an overview of the specifications and strategies for implementing and integrating the MESA-ESS specification.

MESA-ESS provides a standard framework for utility-scale energy storage system (ESS) data exchanges. The draft specification addresses ESS configuration management, ESS operational states, and the applicable ESS functions from the IEEE 1815 (DNP3) profile for advanced distributed energy resource functions.

The workshop is intended for two audiences:

  1. MESA members engineering and implementing the MESA-ESS specification.
  2. MESA members or industry participants who would like to implement the specifications, but need an introduction to available tools and direct technical assistance.

The workshop will be a chance for participants to ask questions, provide feedback on implementation, and learn from colleagues.

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