MESA Specifications

MESA has developed two specifications: MESA-DER and MESA-Device/SunSpec Energy Storage Model. MESA-DER addresses DNP3 communication between a utility’s control system and DER sites, typically with larger-scale PV plus energy storage systems (ESS). This MESA-DER specification is becoming the standard IEEE 1815.2.

MESA-Device specifies standardized Modbus communications between components within the ESS.

About MESA Specifications

MESA-DER (Becoming IEEE 1815.2) 

The MESA-DER specification (version 1 released December 2018) defines the communication requirements for distributed energy resources (DER), with a special focus on utility-scale energy storage systems (ESS). The MESA-DER specification maps the utility SCADA protocol IEEE 1815 (DNP3) to the IEC 61850-7-420 DER information model, thus creating an interoperable profile of DER functions, monitored information, and control commands. This MESA-DER interoperable profile is defined in the DNP3 Application Note AN2018-001 and supports all the IEEE 1547, California Rule 21 DER functions, and the European ENTSO-E DER interconnection requirements. In addition the MESA-DER Specification includes many of the market-based DER functions to support utility grid safe, reliable, and efficient operations, particularly with energy storage or combined PV plus storage plants. As well as these functions, the MESA-DER specification covers the data exchange requirements for ESS configuration management, including ESS role-based access control (RBAC) for different ESS operational states. The DNP3 Application Note of 2018 is available to MESA members and to DNP3 User Group members.



MESA-Device Specifications/SunSpec Energy Storage Model consists of three separate specifications for inverters, meters, and storage which address how energy storage components within an energy storage system communicate internally and with other operational components. MESA-Device Specifications are built on the Modbus protocol.

The Energy Storage Workgroup, run by SunSpec Alliance with contributions from MESA members, worked through 2015 and 2016 to produce an updated draft specification for MESA-Device/SunSpec Energy Storage Specification (Draft 4). The specification was released in DRAFT status for feedback and testing in July 2016 and updated October 2017.

MESA Architecture

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