MESA-DER Testing

MESA-DER Testing Process

The MESA-DER two-phase testing process builds on existing test programs and procedures. Phase One validates the mapping of the IEC 61850-7-420 data objects to IEEE 1815 (DNP3), and assumes the basic DNP3 conformance testing has been performed. It also encourages 1547.1 Testing with DNP3. Phase Two will validate the additional MESA-DER functions not covered in IEEE 1547, and assumes the DER has already passed the IEEE 1547.1 and UL 1741 SB functional  and interoperability tests.  The initial phase of MESA-DER testing and certification is now available through UL Solutions. Click here for more information and to start the certification process. Phase Two is under development and will be completed in early 2024.

MESA-DER Testing Phases




Phase One Testing

The MESA-DER Phase One Test Tool, developed by Triangle Microworks, validates the mapping of the IEC 61850-7-420 data  objects  to DNP3 points as defined in the DNP3 Application Note.  For example, it validates that the DNP3 Analog Input point AI47 “System Available Active State of Charge” is mapped to the unique IEC 61850-7-420 data object “DSTO.SocPct”. In addition to the mapping, the test tool verifies the maximum and minimum values, the multiplier, and the mandatory status.

Scheduling is also an essential function of the MESA-DER specification. Since scheduling of functions is not (yet) required by IEEE Std 1547, the testing for this capability does not exist. California’s Rule 21 testing in UL 1741 SB will define only very basic scheduling of only one function. For Phase One, therefore, it will be considered sufficient that the format and accurate data reading and writing via the scheduling mechanism of DNP Application Note AN2018-001 are confirmed. Further functional testing of this mechanism will be performed in Phase Two.


Phase Two Testing

MESA-DER Phase Two validates that the functions specified in MESA-DER are operating correctly. Since some of those functions are included in IEEE 1547 with the associated testing requirements defined in IEEE 1547.1 and UL 1741 SB, Phase Two testing focuses on the additional functions defined in MESA-DER, such as Set Active Power, Coordinated Charge/Discharge, and Scheduling.

Quality Logic has developed a test harness for testing the IEEE 1547 functions using the MESA-DER interoperability requirements as defined in IEEE 1547.1. The additional testing for MESA-DER functions is expected to be an “add-on” to the IEEE 1547.1 testing procedures at Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories.


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