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MESA-DER standard will soon become an IEEE international standard (IEEE P1815.2)

MESA Standards Alliance | Nov 17, 2022

MESA – The MESA Standards Alliance is pleased to announce that its MESA-DER standard will soon become an IEEE international standard (IEEE P1815.2). The IEEE Power Systems Communication Committee has formed Working Group P15 to formalize MESA-DER as IEEE P1815.2. Utilities and vendors will soon be able to point to an international standard to guide communications between utility systems and distributed energy resources (DER). Below are quotes from various MESA members and its board.

“The MESA Standards Alliance has worked toward the creation of open, non proprietary specifications and information models that utilities, DER developers, and manufacturers alike can use to achieve interoperability for distributed energy. This milestone represents a significant step towards making MESA the DNP3 communications protocol used industry-wide.” – Scott Gibson of Snohomish County Public Utility District, Chair of the MESA Board of Directors

“Duke Energy has long been a leader in developing standards that enable both vendors and utilities to deploy systems with better interoperability and a better price point for customers. We need DER systems to be ‘plug and play’ to facilitate the evolving smart grid. As the energy storage and DER industry takes off and the number of component vendors proliferates, it is essential to have standardized communication protocols. MESA-DER and the forthcoming IEEE P1815.2 will be integral to standardizing the communication architecture for distributed energy systems.” – Tom Fenimore, Director of Smart Grid and Emerging Technologies at Duke Energy

“Trimark Associates is incorporating MESA-DER into our products as we see this as a win-win for our business and our clients. Incorporating MESA-DER into an IEEE standard will expedite DER implementations globally- using it will be required for DNP3 product vendors.” – Bora Akyol, Chief Technology Officer of Trimark Associates and Vice Chair of the MESA Board

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