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Grid-connected energy storage promises large potential benefits. And yet, before safe, affordable energy storage can deliver on its promise, electric utility customers and their suppliers must solve significant problems. Many of these problems boil down to lack of standardization.

Standards are required for any technology to be deployed at scale. The personal computer industry grew from few to millions of units per year, while dramatically improving price-performance, based on standards for its software and hardware components. Like other industries, the energy storage industry needs to organize for scale, based on a cohesive industry vision and technology standards.

MESA Standards clear barriers to growth in energy storage. By making standard connections between components possible, MESA frees utilities and vendors to focus on delivering more cost-effective electricity to more people.


MESA Standards

MESA is currently developing two specifications: MESA-ESS and MESA-Device/SunSpec Energy Storage Model.

MESA-ESS Specifications are initially addressing how energy storage systems communicate with the utility’s grid control (SCADA/DMS), while potentially extending these communication specifications to aggregators and facility energy management systems (FDEMS) that monitor and control storage assets.

MESA launched a technical working group in March 2015 to develop these MESA-ESS Specifications. To participate in the development of the specifications, join the MESA Standards Alliance.

MESA-Device Specifcations/SunSpec Energy Storage Model addresses how energy storage components are packaged and arranged, electrically connected and able to communicate with each other and other operational components. MESA-Device Specifications are built on the Modbus protocol.

MESA and the SunSpec Alliance released the first draft energy storage system specification, MESA-Device (referred to as the Energy Storage Model Specification by SunSpec), for public review and adoption in October 2014.

Downloads for draft MESA-Device Specifications.