– Win Inertia selected as part of the Energy Storage 100 in new list created by Energy Storage News –

As a part of this year’s new Energy Storage Summit in London, organized by Energy Storage News, a new listing of leading players in the energy storage market has been created. After careful review of candidate companies, Win Inertia has been selected as a part of this elite group for inclusion in the Energy Storage 100 list, which was announced and celebrated at an exclusive networking event at Twickenham Stadium on April 28, 2016.

Win Inertia with the company’s groundbreaking hybrid energy storage solution, SHAD®, is revolutionizing the electrical grid and offering optimized utility-scale storage internationally. Apart from being a leader in technology development, Win Inertia also actively participates in the creation of policy and regulatory standards both in Europe and the US, helping to create an efficient, safe and successful future for energy storage worldwide.

“Every time Win Inertia is recognized in this way, I feel tremendous pride, not only in the company and how it has grown, but also in the marvelous team of people who make our technology possible. This award is as much a tribute to their talent and dedication as it is to our contribution to energy storage solutions,” said Eugenio Domínguez, CEO and Founder of Win Inertia.

About Win Inertia

Win Inertia is a technological solution provider, pioneer in creating hybrid energy storage solutions, optimized in economic terms thanks to the integration of several energy storage technologies, enhanced power electronics and patented energy management algorithms in an exclusive, flexible hardware and software platform.

Win Inertia offers solutions to the new challenges faced by the power grid through the integration of innovative grid-scale energy storage solutions at different levels of the electrical grid, continuous and cost-effectively providing multiple grid services, and opening up new revenue streams. For more information, visit www.wininertia.es.

About Energy Storage News

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