Kick Off Call: Friday, November 13 at 1:30 (EST) / 10:30 (PST)

Contact: Ben Ealey ([email protected]) or Darcy Wheeles ([email protected])
Meetings: Bi-Weekly
Registration: Use this link to register for the webinar.

EPRI and MESA are collaborating on an effort to support capability and interoperability of energy storage communications and controls. EPRI’s Energy Storage Integration Council (ESIC) is launching an open forum that will leverage and review MESA’s existing and ongoing work in this space. The group will take a phased approach to ensure architectures and functionality exist for energy storage to provide high value benefits to the grid and customers. Success in this effort will include 1) identification and definition of all required functions of energy storage to provide desired services and 2) maximum leverage of existing standards and collaborative efforts supporting convergence toward interoperability. The group will leverage and review MESA’s existing and ongoing work in this space.

We need your help to make this happen. EPRI and MESA are looking for stakeholders to join the conversation including vendors, utilities, and other industry experts in both communications and energy storage. Ideal candidates for this task include application and software engineers involved in communications to distributed energy resources from both the utility and manufacturer side of energy storage.

This activity is expected to have four phases, which will be further socialized at this kick-off meeting.  1) Identify grid services that are relevant to energy storage. Grid services will serve as the objective for identifying gaps common smart inverter functions in this effort, 2) Map functions from EPRI’s Common Functions for Smart Inverters, Version 3 ( – 3002002233) to the grid services and identify gaps, 3) Update and add new functions as needed to fill gaps, 4) Map protocols to updated functions.

Epri Workgroup
The primary output of this activity is envisioned to be a publicly available white paper that will outline the changes to the common functions as well as other considerations for communications in this space. The updated functions will also be preserved within an update to the publically available Common Smart Inverter Functions following the white paper’s release.

We hope you’ll participate in the kick-off on November 13th at 10:30am Pacific / 1:30pm Eastern to weigh in on your challenges and make suggestions to refine the scope of this activity for maximum impact.

Please use this link to register for the webinar. 

Contact Ben Ealey ([email protected]) or Darcy Wheeles ([email protected]) for more information on this activity.