Learn more about the MESA-DER specification, which defines the communication requirements for utility-scale distributed energy resources – including energy storage systems- and microgrids.

The MESA-DER specification defines the communication requirements for utility-scale energy storage systems (ESS), including ESS configuration management, ESS operational states, and a profile of the IEEE 1815 (DNP3) standard based on the IEC 61850-7-420 information model for advanced DER functions. These advanced DER include all of the functions defined in IEEE 1547:2018, California’s Utility DER Electric Rule 21 Interconnection, and the European ENTSO-E DER interconnection requirements (2016), as well as additional functions of particular interest to ESS. This specification references the DNP3 Application Note AN2018-001 which is based on a DNP3 Mapping Spreadsheet, which directly maps the IEC 61850 data objects for basic and advanced DER functions to DNP3 data objects.

The purpose of this MESA-DER specification is to support the use of communication standards, promote interoperability, and minimize the amount of non-recurring engineering that is required to integrate ESS into utility operations using DNP3. It is expected that profiles of other communication standards will also be developed for different types and purposes of ESS.

The specification outlines the approach and initial models and the DNP3 Mapping Spreadsheet provides a DNP3 Profile for implementing the specification.

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