Southern California Utility joins the MESA Standards Alliance

Nation’s leader in large scale energy storage procurement to help drive open standards for energy storage

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 1, 2017) ─ Southern California Edison (SCE), one of nation’s leaders in energy storage procurement with close to 500 MW of energy storage contracted, has joined the MESA Standards Alliance (MESA) to drive the development of standardized communication specifications for energy storage systems. SCE joins thirty manufacturers, software suppliers, and public and private utilities, whose objective is to accelerate the growth of the energy storage industry through the development of an open, non-proprietary set of communication specifications and standards for grid scale energy storage systems.

“Standardizing the communication architecture for grid-scale energy storage will enable SCE to operate a variety of energy storage technologies from different vendors, may lead to reduced non-recurring engineering costs, and optimize our grid to meet specific needs and use cases,” said Erik Takayesu, SCE director of Grid Modernization Planning and Technology. “As the energy storage industry matures, SCE is committed to being a leader in the development of standards to support the future grid and enabling the deployment of energy storage systems at a better price point for our customers.”

Mike Rowand, MESA Board Chair and Director of Technology Development at Duke Energy, stated: “MESA is leading the standards effort for energy storage communications with the recently released MESA-ESS draft specification that provides a standard DNP3 framework for communications between utilities and energy storage systems. SCE is a utility leader in advancing the energy storage industry and we look forward to working with them to accelerate and test MESA’s efforts.”

About the MESA Standards Alliance:

The MESA (Modular Energy Storage Architecture) Standards Alliance is an industry group of 25+ vendors and utilities whose mission is to accelerate the growth of the energy storage industry through the development of an open, non-proprietary set of specifications and standards for energy storage systems. Founded in 2014, MESA is advancing a new, component-based approach to energy storage that gives electric utilities more choice and allows battery, power converter, and software manufacturers to reach more customers and reduce costs. For more information about MESA or to join MESA and participate in developing standards for the energy storage industry, visit


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